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Training Kit


Learn Microblading From Start To Finish

This course covers Microblading as well as eyebrow shading. You will be provided with a live model and a Mocroblading kit. We will teach you all the microblading secrets and techniques that attract people from all over the world to elite.

  • 20 Elite Microblades

  • Elite Pigment

  • Inkless Fake Skin

  • Elite Fake Skin

  • Practice Equipment

  • Brow Pencils

  • Eyebrow Rulers


Is This The Class For You?

If you have little to no previous microblading experience, this is the class for you. We will teach you everything start to finish you need to get started with a new career in microblading.

Career Plan

Schedule a Training Consultation to plan out a schedule and course that fits your needs. 

Blood Borne Pathogens

Before training, you will need to take an online bloodborne pathogen training course to understand the fundamentals of how to work with blood and also get certified to practice in the state of California & Missouri. This course is $21 and will take 2 hours to complete. Once the course is completed and you have been certified you can start your training. The certificate is only valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually for you to be able to practice as a Body Artist in the state of California.


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start date

Once you have placed your deposit, you will receive an email with the documents to send over before attending class. 

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