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Day Spa 

At Universal Beauty Studio Academy, we invite you to experience the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation with our exquisite facials and massages. Immerse yourself in a world where skilled hands transform stress into serenity, and each gentle touch unveils a radiant version of yourself. Our expert practitioners bring the art of skincare and bodywork to life, using cutting-edge techniques and premium products.


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Facial & Massage

Indulge in luxury as our facial treatments transcend the ordinary. Tailored to your unique skin needs, our facials promise a revitalizing escape. From deep-cleansing to nourishing hydration, each session is a journey to radiant, glowing skin. Uncover a renewed sense of confidence as we pamper you with the latest in skincare technology.

Let tension melt away as you surrender to the skilled hands of our swedish massage . Our massages are a symphony of relaxation, addressing both physical and mental fatigue. From soothing Swedish , every stroke is designed to harmonize your body and mind. Step into a haven of tranquility and let the stresses of the day fade into blissful serenity.

Waxing Service

At Universal Beauty Studio Academy, we redefine the waxing experience, making it an art form that unveils your natural beauty with confidence. Our skilled technicians specialize in delivering smooth, long-lasting results, ensuring you leave our studio feeling empowered and radiant.

Experience the artistry of precision as our technicians meticulously sculpt and shape, creating clean lines and flawless finishes. Whether it's brows, legs, or anywhere in between, our waxing services are tailored to enhance your features and showcase your individuality.

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