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Permanent Cosmetic Technician

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Theory Phase

The Theory Phase at Universal Beauty Studio spans from 1 to 3 months and focuses on building a strong foundation of knowledge for apprentices. During this phase, apprentices undergo testing to ensure they retain essential base knowledge, including the Missouri Standards of Practice. The approach to learning is hands-on, allowing apprentices to develop a solid understanding of the theoretical aspects of their craft. By the end of this phase, apprentices will have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge to excel in their beauty profession.

Practical Phase

The Practical Phase at Universal Beauty Studio is the final stage before entering the Apprentice Clinical Phase, lasting from 1 to 3 months. During this phase, apprentices apply the knowledge they gained from the Theory Phase to gain hands-on experience. They familiarize themselves with various tools, develop situational awareness, practice client consultation skills, and engage in client case studies. This phase is crucial for honing their practical skills and prepares them for the real-world challenges they'll face in the clinical setting.

Clinical Phase

The clinical phase at Universal Beauty Studio is a crucial stage where senior apprentices perform 50 procedures under the guidance of licensed instructors. During this phase, apprentices have the opportunity to earn money with every client they serve and build a portfolio of their work. This portfolio gives them a head start as they embark on their career journey, with out continued support as they grow. Successfully completing this phase enables the apprentice to apply for a state license in tattooing, opeing up new opportunities in the industry.

  • Does the shop offer any financial assistance or payment plans for the apprenticeship?
    Depending on the shop, there may be financial assistance options or payment plans available to help make the apprenticeship more affordable. We have 3 options here. Traditional Finance, No Credit Check, and In house. Just like Eye brows, there is no plan that fits all students but we have an option that works.
  • What is the duration of the tattoo apprenticeship program?
    The duration of the tattoo apprenticeship program typically varies depending on the shop and the depth of training provided. It can range from a few months to a year or more. We cater to the working adult transitioning to anther career while considering other prior obligations. With that in mind, 6 months is the planned minimum time.
  • How much will the apprenticeship program cost, including any materials or equipment needed?
    The cost of the apprenticeship can vary widely, so it's essential to inquire about the total expenses, including any additional costs for materials or equipment, part of that is building your training plan. A Artist who only wants to Training Microblading and get a Tattoo License will not pay the same as an artist who wants to do Eyeliner, Machine Brow and a Tattoo License. Prices can range from $5000 to $12,000
  • Are there opportunities for apprentices to work with real clients under supervision during the program?
    Many tattoo shops provide apprentices with the opportunity to work with real clients under supervision, allowing them to gain valuable practical experience. We definitely allow this in our clinical phase and it plays a part of you finding comfort in building your business.
  • How does the shop handle creative expression and individual artistic styles during the apprenticeship?
    While apprenticeships involve learning established techniques, a supportive shop should encourage and appreciate individual artistic expression and style.
  • What are the specific skills and techniques taught during the apprenticeship?
    During the apprenticeship, you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques essential for tattooing, including machine operation, proper sanitation, design principles, color theory, and client consultation. We want you to meet for a Training Plan so you can choose your primary focus and we help you build according to your niche.
  • Are there opportunities for advancement or employment within the shop after completing the apprenticeship?
    Some shops may offer employment opportunities to apprentices who successfully complete the program and demonstrate proficiency in their skills, we don't guarantee a seat at the Academy but the possibility is there.
  • How many hours per week will be dedicated to hands-on practice and learning?
    The number of hours dedicated to hands-on practice and learning can also differ, but it's common for apprenticeships to involve several hours of practical training per week. We have ours set for at least 12 hours a week in person minimum and online you meet 1 on 1 with your Instructor weekly to view your hands on training that was assigned.
  • Will I have one-on-one guidance and mentorship from experienced tattoo artists?
    Yes, We provide one-on-one guidance and mentorship from experienced tattoo artists throughout the apprenticeship to ensure you receive personalized attention and feedback
  • Will I have access to ongoing support and guidance after completing the apprenticeship?
    A good tattoo shop will offer ongoing support and guidance even after completing the apprenticeship, as the learning and growth process in tattooing continuous. We keep our relationship and invite apprentices to private group access and development programs.
  • How does the shop handle health and safety practices during the apprenticeship?
    Health and safety practices are of utmost importance in the tattoo industry. Reputable shops will have strict protocols in place to ensure the well-being of both apprentices and clients. We don't take this lightly.
  • Are there any prerequisites or prior experience required for the apprenticeship?
    Some tattoo shops may require previous artistic experience or a portfolio of your work, while others may accept applicants with little or no prior experience but a strong passion for tattooing, We do interview every apprentice that has an interest in our program. The decision to take on an apprentice is just as big as you selecting a place to learn. Not everyone is accepted. It's what makes the Academy Reputable.

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