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 Enroll in Our Cosmetic Apprenticeship Today! 


Ready to kickstart your journey in the world of Cosmetic Tattooing? Our streamlined process makes it quick and easy for you to get started!


📋 Step 1: Complete Training Consultation

Chat with our expert team to discuss your goals and aspirations. We'll help tailor a training plan that suits your needs and sets you on the path to success!


🗓️ Step 2: Select Your Schedule & Career Path

Choose the schedule that fits your lifestyle best. Whether you're a busy bee or a night owl, we've got options for you! Select your career path and become a master in your desired technique.


💰 Step 3: Secure Your Spot with a Deposit

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Leave a deposit to secure your seat in our exclusive online class.


🤝 Step 4: Coaches to Guide You

Our dedicated coaches will be with you every step of the way. They work directly with the Master Instructor to ensure you receive the best guidance and support.


The Universal Beauty Studio Online Apprenticeship Training offers a comprehensive and flexible pathway for aspiring permanent makeup artists. Upon enrollment, every apprentice is carefully assigned a dedicated coach who will be their guiding mentor throughout the entire training journey.


During the theory phase, apprentices will receive weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with their coach. These meetings serve as an opportunity to monitor progress, address any questions, and receive personalized guidance to transition smoothly to the next phase of the program.


The theory phase covers essential theoretical knowledge, technique training, and industry regulations required for a solid foundation in permanent makeup. As the apprentice progresses, they'll be introduced to practical applications under the careful supervision of their coach.

Training Hours must consist of 300 combine hours  covering:

  • Sanitation

  • Equipment Handling

  • Disease Control

  • Skin Treatment/ Infections

  • Design / Artistry

  • Clinical Practice

As per Missouri law, the clinical phase becomes the next focus, where apprentices will delve into advanced topics such as business management and studio operations. This phase also involves the completion of required procedure hours to meet licensing criteria.

Apprentice must complete :

  • 50 procedures


Upon successfully completing the clinical phase, apprentices will achieve a tattoo license in permanent makeup, allowing them to embark on their career journey as qualified and certified permanent makeup artists.


One of the unique aspects of this online apprenticeship is its flexibility. It caters to the needs of working adults transitioning into another career, providing the option to complete the program in as little as 6 months or take up to 12 months for those requiring more time to balance other commitments.


At Universal Beauty Studio, our goal is to equip each apprentice with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the field of permanent makeup. Join us on this transformative learning experience and unlock the potential for a rewarding and creative career.

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